Best Muffin / Cupcake Pan

If you look closely at muffin pans today, they have a seam for each cup as they are manufactured in separate pieces.  This creates a hard to clean seam that requires very fine tools to clean.  In addition, flimsy metal requires that all cups be filled – if you run out of batter you use water.

Because we had to bake 150 cupcakes, it was imperative to have workhorse pans that would transmit heat evenly and result in uniform cupcakes.  We looked carefully at a bunch of pans and ended up purchasing the Baker’s Edge – Better Muffin Pan.  This pan worked incredibly for us.  Super heavy duty, easy release of muffins and baked goods.  It is made of cast aluminum so no seams between cup and body of the pan.  Remember you cannot dish wash aluminum without ruining it.

One caveat is that because the cups are staggered rather than in a single row, the width of the pan is larger than normal ones and you cannot easily bake two at a time in a single oven side by side.  This didn’t matter to me as we do two racks in a convection.

Choco-filled cups

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